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IHT provides full efficient service for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.   Our processes range from stress relieving, normalizing and annealing to stainless steel brazing and hardening.  We have high temperature capacity and have an excellent reputation for processing many of today's most exotic alloys.  The material we process are used in a wide range of applications from heavy mining equipment, gas and oil industry, railroad equipment, automotive transportation vehicles to aircraft components including fasteners, pumps, wear plate products and more.  Each has unique requirements for processing which results in our experts developing specialized procedures to ensure the best possible quality. 

Our continuous process for annealing, normalizing and stress relieving efficiently handles sizes 18" by 18" and smaller forging, castings, cold forming, stampings and machined parts providing excellent yields at very competitive pricing.   The quality achieved on small or tight tolerance parts is excellent and is superior to batch or car furnaces. 

Larger sizes are easily processed in our high performance box furnaces in an efficient skillful manner to provide excellent results to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 


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