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You need the competitve edge in today's marketplace.  Brazing can give you that edge... you get greater customer appeal through excellent appearance and strength at more reasonable cost.
Brazing is your best choice for Strength and Good Appearance.
Our continuous furnace brazing gives you the best looking product, superior permanent metal to metal joining, it's unaffected by vibration, provides leak free joints and retains the integrity and properties of the metals. pipes.gif (42480 bytes)
Opportunities in Reducing Production Costs:
Some companies have reviewed the manufacture of their products and found excellent opportunities in reducing production costs.  They changed their product from one piece to two pieces which reduced the difficulity and material costs in manufacturing.  Consider if your product should be made as a single unit, or if it can better be made as a brazed assembly of simple components.  The assembly approach may help you to use lower cost stock forms... sheet, tube, rod, stampings or extrusions.   It would probably be lighter in weight while materials could be selected to match their functions.  Most often there are excellent advantages over welding.
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Here are a few examples of items processed through furnace brazing:
Automotive Fuel Pump Systems, Valves, Faucets, Tubing, Pressure Cylinders, Tanks, Automotive Air-conditioning components, Heat exchangers, Automotive pulleys and any item requiring metal to metal joining from delicate jewellery  to heavy mining wear plates.  Brazing is also ideally suited to joining dissimilar metals.  Consider stainless, brass, copper, steel, carbon steel and special alloys.

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