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    Tuscany Faux Marble Top and Ash Coffee Table w/ Ottomans


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    Dimensions: 36" (W) x 36" (D) x 19" (H)
    Item Code: TUSCANCOP

    The design of the Tuscany coffee table with ottomans is perfect for adding functionality to your living space. The optional, four ottomans, which can be tucked underneath the coffee table, are suitable for space challenged rooms. The top is finished in faux marble with chocolate ash accents on the legs, the ottomans are finished in PU upholstery, ensuring lasting enjoyment and durability. Coordinate with optional end table to complete your design scheme.

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    Key Features

    Minimalistic sleek design is suitable for many decors.
    Modern styling with functionality.
    Chocolate ottomans done in polyurethane upholstery.
    Four optional ottomans can be tucked under for easy storage.
    Sturdy legs finished with genuine ash wood veneers.
    Eclectic mix of traditional faux marble with chocolate ash veneers.


    Coffee Table: 955 x 955 x 480 mm H (37.5x37.5x19")
    Ottomans: 330 x 330 x 420mm H (13x13x16.5')
    Materials & Construction

    Wood Species: Honeycomb construction with MDF boards.

    Process: Honeycomb is a special class of composite materials that is fabricated by pressing two sheets of MDF, with a lightweight but thick core. It is injected with a strong adhesive, and cold pressed. Following the concept of combining two different materials to make a new material with properties greater than those found in either of the individual components, the combination of a core material, bonded to facing skins forms a Sandwich Panel Structure that supports greater loads than the core or the skins can support on their own. This process gives the product a low density, while acquiring stiffness, durability, and the benefit of being warp free. This product is made from 100% post consumer materials, making it affordable and eco friendly. Product retains its shape.

    Ottomans: Chocolate polyurethane upholstery.

    Other: All Products are wrapped in perforated foam, tightly unclosed with styrofoam and packaged in double corrugated cardboard.

    Hardware: heavy duty bolt construction.

    Finish Type: Hi gloss finish on faux black marble. The marble laminate is wrapped and pressed to the boards, once adhered, a Hi gloss PU finish is applied. PU (Poly Urethane) is a plastic based resin, it is applied in thin coats several times, with a 12 hour drying period, and a light sand in between.

    Travertine faux marble with pu lacquer finish. It is resistant to water and chemicals, this makes it an ideal finish for many products. Design flexibility: PU lacquers are tough, and durable. They offer a sleek finish, yet hold up to long time use. Faux marble is a classic design statement, this looks offers character and will anchor to any in home atmosphere.

    Finish Colour TOP: clear polyurethane lacquer is fashionable and provides design flexibility. Instead of a clear coat lacquer a stained pu finish is applied to ash veneer, this adds to the grains complexity and adds depth to the finish.

    LEGS: Ash veneer finished in PU lacquer.

    Veneers: Veneers offer a solution to imperfect materials. The adhering process ensures the finish is flawless. Mass production of veneers allows multiple pieces to expose the same characteristics. PU finishes are easy to maintain, and offer a sleek mirror like finish that is contemporary and to date. Veneers are flexible and can be worked around modest curves. Also an excellent and almost care free product. Veneer finishes have been in higher then normal demand for the last decade, promising it won't be a misfit in any decor.

    Process: The wood veneers are hand selected and adhered to MDF boards. The veneers are book-matched, each piece is similar to the next. The adhering process is done by first applying a heat sensitive glue to the veneer, it is applied, and then subjected to high temperatures to activate the adhesive. The PU finish gives the product a glossy finish, while extending the life of the surface. It is also resistant to water and chemicals, this makes it an ideal finish for many products.

    Other: The product is constructed using European flat finishing technique, all the parts of the product are finished completely prior to assembly.

    Assembly: Product is ready to assemble. All instructions and materials needed to do so are in closed and well explained.

    Quality Control Standards: All products are constantly monitored throughout the manufacturing process. The European style of manufacturing is applied here. This means that every product is finished 100% before assembly or packaging. This allows one piece to be removed if necessary, rather then the entire product. This style of manufacturing is very efficient. Everything from cutting, to finishing, to packaging is monitored. Also rather then only the finished product being inspected for errors, every piece is inspected, then the product as a whole.

    Warranty: 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects.

    Please note: The Brick's setup service is not available on this product. This product is READY TO ASSEMBLE.