Chriss Angel - Quarter Trick This morning my colleague passed this video around to the department, and asked us "how did he do this"... It's Criss Angel swallowing a quarter with someone's signature on it, then making it travel down his arm, under his skin, which he then cuts out with a knife. Apparently he's done the trick before as well. That attempt seemed even less realistic. It's obvious that his arm had a fake layer of skin (which is way more evident in the earlier video), and there was a quarter under the fake skin already (which means, like in most cases, audience participation off camera). How he got the quarter to travel down his arm is the only technical part which isn't as obvious, but that detail is trivial. If you look at the newer video and pause it when they show the signatures on the quarter before he swallows it, and after it is out of his arm, you can tell that it's not the same coin, because the signatures are different. You'd think they'd pay attention to stupid little details like that, especially this day and age?



Update: Before anyone goes down my throat for this, I personally don't really care about Criss Angel. Also I am well aware of the fact that he reveals a lot of his tricks (look it up on YouTube if you're interested.) So this post is no big deal... it was a simple, quick response to a colleague's question.